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A Crackpot Idea for Hollywood
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Emily, you have indeed cracked the pot.  You've got it all backwards.  It's not that they should do one full-length franchise "starter loaf" and then follow it with trailers, it's that they should do away with the first movie altogether.  I'm tired of having to hold the audience's hand for two hours just so that they'll know how hard it was for the hero to bury his wife, overcome his drinking problem and live up to his father's expectations.   What ever happened to a little old kickin' ass?  Why do we have to wait until the second movie to dispense with the setup and introduce not one, not two, but three super villains?

When I read comic books as a kid you hit the ground running.  The hero's backstory was reduced to one or two panels at the beginning, if that.  And the original origin story? The tale of how our hero got his powers?  Well that was back in issue number one, penned sometime before you were born and now worth forty-thousand dollars and kept in a lucite frame behind the counter at the comic shop ("Don't even look in its direction kid!").  The best comic book stories ever written took place long after the creaky origins of the character were dealt with.

And as for movie length, I like 'em butt-numbingly long, thank you.  Thank of the great musical artists that put out their magnum opus double albums like The Beatles' White Album, or 2pac's All Eyez On Me.  It was more for your money and award winning to boot (and who cares if it was really just one album's worth of good material and then a bunch of filler - it was epic!). When are we going to get the four-hour double album Batman movie already?

So, no, I cannot get onboard with your crackpot theory. Unless of course, writers would get feature rates for writing these trailers.   In which case, I'd like a three trailer deal with an option to direct the third please.

Jared Butler actually writes action movies.  He's also in demand as a voice-over artist thanks to a brilliantly authoritative voice.

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