Mildred Goldberger responds to
Religion and Science... and Smarty Jones
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Aside from the (sneaky) reference to Capitalism, smuggled into the discourse via the discussion of risk, there isn’t any discussion that I would term “economical.” Capitalism was a late invention, as you know, based on the insights of David Ricardo. Adam Smith understood it, he even understood the inevitable collaborations between and among the players but even he could not have imagined our present Capital Intensive politics.

But I’m surprised that you would have let the Belmont Park statement stand.uncorrected. The “breeding” of Natural Instinct occurs before conception, even for horses. What has happened to that poor colt is training to override his natural instincts, among which “the urge to win” is unlikely to occur.

Mildred Goldberger is an economist and (delightful) writer.

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