Jordan Susman Responds to "Satisfaction Guaranteed"

To paraphrase Bill Clinton: the question of whether one is a crackpot depends on the meaning of the word "crackpot." For some people, a crackpot is anyone who proclaims to have a unifying theory of anything—because clearly no one theory can explain the miracles of existence, consciousness, love and pizza.  For others, a crackpot is someone whose favorite game is playing dominoes with their own feces.

For me, a crackpot is someone who never seeks to follow their own bliss. A crackpot seeks the satisfaction s/he thinks s/he should have—not the satisfaction that makes them happy. In fact, the act of following one's bliss conveys part of your central thesis. It is not assumed, or even hoped that you will reach a destination called "Bliss."  Instead, the satisfaction and the joy come from the following, just as the pursuit of happiness lies in the pursuit.

In your perpetual quest for satisfaction from the halls of Harvard to the shores of Galilee, by my definition, you're not a crackpot. At least not yet. Therefore, you are sober as a judge.

ps: Vered Ha'galil is actually not in the Golan, but in the Galilee—conveniently located between the Lebanon border and the Golan Heights.

Jordan Susman is a recovering screenwriter and former reporter with the Voice of Israel in Jerusalem.

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