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Will PBS Become the Protestant Broadcasting System?

As usual, you’re right on the mark. But I would add—because the government’s “theories” seem so ill-conceived and so lacking in empirical evidence, we liberal, fact-based, godless intellectuals also overindulge in misperceptions. It’s hard to accept that fumbling, bumbling Bush and Company can out-organize and outsmart us. But they do it over and over again by manipulating perception. By re-stating simple and often simplistic “facts” until they become truth, by re-framing and re-naming the concepts—as in “Personal Accounts” instead of “Privatization of Social Security”—they narrow the frighteningly wide world and offer the public relief with blinders on. Or as you say, they offer “a pared down anorexic evidence-starved narrative.”

Like anorexics, Bush and Company immediately negate any criticism or any attempt to prove, factually, that they are mistaken. Anorexics look at themselves in mirrors and see fat where there is none (WMD). No matter how many times doctors, family, and friends point out that they’re grossly underweight, no matter how often they step on the scale (see the facts for themselves), they believe their own perceptions. And that’s the key—belief. “The fat’s there. Maybe it’s hidden, but those idiots are so blind, they don’t see it. And guess what—I know how to bulk up before stepping on the scale. Fools them every time.” “Good job, Brandy (or Candy or Cory). You gained 4 ounces.” Good job, Rummy. You’re the best. Boy George has repeated that so often that he’s manipulated the general public’s perception, and many people still believe, regardless of the facts, that we’re safer now than we were before we invaded Iraq.

The administration has closed down the dialogue. They ridicule the “liberal media” and refuse to allow questions from reporters who confront them. Instead they plant their own “reporters,” so few point out that we now have an anorexic-inspired theocracy which governs by faith. God speaks to Boy George, (his words, not mine), so he doesn’t have to deal with facts. Neither do the people in his administration. Dr. Bill Frist “knew” that Teri Schiavo was sentient and should be kept alive —regardless of the facts. Karl Rove didn’t lie, and the president knew nothing about it, even if he did.

Okay, so maybe the administration got a little flack on the Teri Schiavo issue, but there are more important issues to deal with now. They’ve captured the public’s attention by nominating an anorexic Supreme Court justice. A man without a paper trail, pared down to the basics. The guy’s brilliant. Everyone says so, and that’s all we need to know. There are no facts, ma’am. He was arguing cases for clients. So what if his wife is active in a pro-life group; doesn’t mean he is. This nomination was a brilliant move by the Bush administration because there are very few relevant facts, at this point. And the Democrats are right to keep silent unless and until they can come up with some. But it takes deep insight for anorexics (and Senators) to accept the truth, even though they might suspect it. It’s just too frightening to give up the illusion, the structure upon which they’ve based their existence. Still, we can’t just accept John Roberts on faith! Because I agree that “the real agenda of the attacks on the ‘liberal media’ is to replace Science with Faith as the author of our collective narrative.” It’s already happening right under our noses. Millions of dollars have been ploughed into faith-based agencies and churches (even a few synagogues—for repairs) to rescue those “at risk.” All these poor souls have to do is accept Jesus.

It’s about Control! Getting it and keeping it. Even if you die trying. We just can’t afford to let our anorexic government take us down with them.

Marilyn Levy is a Screenwriter with an MA in Psychology

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