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Why did you stop writing television?
First of all, I never liked writing television; second of all, I never knew what studio and network executives meant by "real." My career was before the advent of "reality TV", when to me the whole point of TV was that it wasn't real, but no, the only time they didn't want "real" was if it interfered with "likable." A female character who didn't want to be a mother or get married was "unlikable." Actually, in their view, she was also not "real." You can see why I got confused. Finally, when I was told for the umpteenth time that a story for a prospective script wasn't "real" enough, I asked the studio executive what he would consider "real." But when he pitched me his story, it was so outlandish I had to ask him, outright, what made his story more real than mine. "Well," he said, "at least with my story, you've seen it before on TV."

Are you a scientist?
No, although once a famous leadership guru, generously recommending me to the Harvard Business School as a possible speaker, described me as a "Harvard-trained physicist". It's an easy mistake since I understand everything about science except the actual science part which is math. I was taught to read and do math at the same time, so at six, reading "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves", it became rapidly obvious that there were only two kinds of men in the world, dwarves and Prince Charmings, and the odds of my getting the Prince were seven to one. That's why little girls don't do math — it's too depressing.

Are you a Lesbian?
The same famous business guru who described me as a "Harvard-educated physicist" also said I was a Lesbian, so I might as well clear this one up as well. I am not a Lesbian. Not that I have anything against Lesbians, but Lesbian relationships are like all other relationships in one crucial regard: they involve another person who will sooner or later want you to pick them up at the airport.

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