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Esther Dyson, PC FORUM, 2005:
"First, I wanted to say how wonderful your performance was. We were all amazed (people were exclaiming about it hours later at the bar as well as the next day) at how well you listened to what happened during the first two days of the conference and then synthesized it all into an incredibly intelligent and hilarious performance. In such a short period of time. Our collective chins hit the floor. Thank you."

Douglas A. Michels, International President
Orthodignostics (A Johnson & Johnson Company):
"When we first met in New Brunswick and you shared your thoughts on how you might synthesize the collaboration messages during the sessions, I knew it would be great. I didn't realize how awesome you would be in delivering the message or how I would laugh each time I heard your funny jokes and stories… You know business is always so serious, serious, serious. I love the business experience you helped us create where we could laugh and learn at the same time. You are a wonderful talent."

Brian Perkins, J&J Worldwide Chairman
Consumer Pharmaceuticals and Nutritionals Group:
"I can't tell you how many incredible comments I've received about your performance — you touched all 1000 of our most senior executives in our audience — who are now taking your messages to all 100,000+ of our people. You've made 'and-and thinking' part of our lingo."

Los Angeles Women's Foundation:
"I love to laugh and love a good mental workout. Rarely, if ever, have I had the two together. You have the rare gift of bringing philosophy to life AND of relating it to the major and mundane in our existence. AND of doing so with a wild and wonderful sense of humor."

Pacific Center for Health Policy and Ethics:
"We really did appreciate the wonderful job you did as the MC for the Genesis Award dinner. It made what would otherwise be an evening of special interest to a relative handful of people into an evening in which all 200-plus attendees could enjoy themselves and be glad they were present."

Human Rights Watch:
"As the audience response indicated, you more than fulfilled your billing as a philosopher/comedienne with an absolutely incredible show."

American Trial Litigators Association:
"I understand from everyone involved that you were a "smash oh" hit...I really appreciate your willingness to provide inspiration."

Women For:
"Your generosity is only exceeded by your incredible brilliance and wondrous sense of humor. Though I've seen you perform many times, I am always awed at your marvelous ability to not only make the audience laugh, but also to describe and teach each guest at a level unequaled by any other humorist."

League of Women Voters:
"You were sensational at the League dinner. Somehow just saying thank you seems inadequate."

"I want to thank you for your superb performance at LitFest. Once again, your remarks were perfectly tuned to our crowd and we were honored to have you. I am especially grateful to you for controlling the audience and timeline for the evening. That everyone stayed to the very end is a tribute to your command."
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