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Bill Moyers:
"I've been to two performances by Emily Levine and am just waiting in line for the third, fourth, fiftieth and sixtieth. Her flights of delight and insight make her the companion of choice to infinity and beyond. Smart, funny, wise and inspiring, she even manages to make the audience feel likewise. I say name her moderator of all the political debates this year; let's have some fun and learn something doing it. Better still, let both parties draft Emily and make her America's President by acclamation. The Gridiron Dinner will never be the same."

Norman Lear:
"Go see 'eLevine.universe' at the peril of splitting your sides, expanding your mind and exiting a better person. I have never spent a more entertaining, intellectually arresting and emotionally fulfilling hour in the theater."

Matt Groening:
"If you don't like Emily Levine's smart comedy, you're an idiot."

Lily Tomlin:
""What a unique and compelling artist! I love what Emily Levine says and the original way she says it: Witty, whimsical, deeply thoughtful and, most of all, completely (truly) hilarious."

Arianna Huffington:
"When asked what he looked for in a potential girlfriend, Jerry Seinfeld once said that he looks for 'all the good things.' Pretty? Sure. Smart? Yeah. Funny? Okay. Sexy? Why not? I think it's the same thing when you're looking to hire a speaker. You want someone with 'all the good things.' And Emily Levine has them in spades. She's smart, funny, charming — and thoroughly entertaining. I recently saw her MC an awards show, and she was absolutely terrific. She has the rare ability to be thought provoking and hilarious at the same time. A winner!"

Gloria Steinem:
"The queen of funny-serious, head-and-heart."

Marvin "Murph" Goldberger:
"I've known Emily Levine for about twenty years, beginning shortly after I moved to Pasadena from Princeton to become president of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). After nine years I left to become Director of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and thence to La Jolla where I was until recently Dean of the Division of Natural Sciences at the University of California, San Diego. Over all these years Emily has become "family". In her private and professional roles she has been unerringly entertaining and wonderful. Her wicked wit, her formidable intellect, her warmth, charm and insights make every appearance of hers a delight."

Robin Green and Mitch Burgess, Executive Producers of "The Sopranos":
"If Einstein came back as a stand-up comic, he'd be Emily Levine. Thank God someone this wise and this funny is thinking about the universe. Do NOT miss this show!"

Susan Faludi:
"Just when you think you have a handle on the world, Emily Levine comes along to overturn your Newtonian apple cart. The Levine theory of the universe is irreverent, wacky, vertigo- and giggle-inducing. Maybe God doesn't play dice with the universe but Emily Levine sure does.

John Hopfield, Macarthur Prize Winning Biologist:
"Emily has a delightful, wicked, intelligent perceptive sense of humor that she applies to the human scene in general. She seems particularly to enjoy deploying her wit into the interface between technology and our daily lives, into science, into the world of education, and into the irrational aspects of our nominally rational lives. I invited her to speak at the annual Faculty dinner of the California Institute of Technology (at the time I was Chairman of the Faculty). Highly apt, warmly received — I recommend her highly to anyone wanting to hear a masterful performance of original, intelligent, witty commentary on our world today."

Carl Reiner:
"I've never left a performance of Emily Levine's without saying to somebody, 'Boy, is that girl brilliant and funny.'"
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