Johyn Baskin responds to
And a Little Pig Shall Lead Them

John Baskin, an incredibly gifted and successful television writer and producer with no expertise on religion or shepherding, was asked to comment on why I couldn’t get any experts in those fields to respond.

First of all, you have no idea how hard it is for me not to respond so that you will become convinced that there is something terribly wrong here.  Anyway, here goes...  My HUGE caveat is that I truly believe it is impossible to guess the motivations of other people.  If I had to guess here, I would say people are not responding because they completely agree with what you’re saying (a 1 on the crackpotness scale).  Thus a response is not interesting because the responder is merely regurgitating what he already believes.  In other words, there is no challenge here.  Of course, this assumes that all the responders are in agreement with you politically.  If they are not, I can’t imagine why they didn't respond.  I can’t imagine why they’re Republicans, so why should I be able to imagine anything else about their thought process?  I would think that this theory would insult them, but maybe that merely indicates the level of my misunderstanding of them.  They want to be sheep.  The Lord is their shepherd, and they take great comfort in the thought.  Which, when you think about it, makes Bush's strategy of setting himself up as their shepherd quite brilliant.  A ploy that has worked for over 2000 years must have something to it. 

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