Five Good Reasons to Hire Emily Levine
Comedians ask "Who's on First," Philosophers ask "Why?" Corporate Keynotes
Emily Levine appears in corporate venues as a keynote speaker, an entertainer, a moderator, a panelist, meeting host, consultant and — last but not least - as a synthesizer. However varied these functions, each affords her the opportunity to be a change agent, to use her knowledge to address the specific challenges facing corporations and other institutions in the process of re-visioning themselves. Levine specifies five qualities that make her uniquely qualified to play this role.
  1. She's an outsider. Not being rooted in any one discipline or profession enables her to identify the hidden assumptions and to think beyond the limits of a given professional vocabulary. She asks the question no one else knows or dares to ask.
  2. She's a boundary crosser, a veritable Jack-Out-of-the-Box. She takes ideas from one discipline and apply them to others. She cross-pollinates, fertilizes and synthesizes.
  3. She's a both/and thinker. Indeed, her whole philosopher/comedian persona reflects a non-oppositional strategy. From materials as diverse as Newton's Principia and the National Enquirer, she synthesizes a serious argument propelled by jokes. She's both smart and funny, entertaining and enlightening.
  4. She's a generalist. She knows a little about lots of things — physics, economics, bio-ethics, psychology, politics and religion, to name just a few. But what she knows is half the story — equally important are the connections she makes between those things.
  5. Because the connections are unexpected and at the same time universally recognized as true, people laugh. In that shock of recognition, she rewires the way people think. By short-circuiting their usual train of association, she opens people's minds to ask "What if?" — What if things weren't "the way they are"? What would be the possibilities?
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